Christian Horner believes that Mercedes is unwilling to lose to a team that they see as an “energy drinks company.”

The championship battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes has been full of controversial comments from both sides and another heated conversation happened at the Abu Dhabi GP.

Horner thinks that Mercedes’ attitude towards them is driven by the fact that the Silver Arrows do not want to damage their reputation by losing the world championship to Red Bull, an energy drinks manufacturer.

“I think that Mercedes, and the Mercedes Formula 1 team, they’ve become a machine the last seven or eight years during their period of dominance, and they obviously have the weight and power of the parent company behind them,” the Red Bull team principal said.

“I can’t believe it’s particularly comfortable being beaten by an energy drinks manufacturer as a major OEM. You’re never sat comfortably. We know that, it’s been made quite clear to us.”

At the same time, Toto Wolff denied Horner’s claims about Mercedes’ approach to Red Bull.

“It’s not something that I said, and I would not say it because I have all the respect for Red Bull as a drinks company, and all the respect for the racing team,” the Mercedes team principal commented.

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