Lando Norris has reflected on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying that turned out to be a successful session for him.

The McLaren driver had an impressive qualifying at the Yas Marina Circuit on Saturday evening with his best result since the Russian GP.

Norris himself did not expect to be in the top 3: “I made some improvements, but also a few mistakes and I just had a clean lap in the end. I went for pole, didn’t quite work out. That was a nice lap. P3 was a bit of a surprise.”

Norris would start the race right behind the title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. He admitted that he does not want to make an impact on the championship battle, but would try to improve his position if he got the opportunity.

“I’m a bit nervous [about starting position]. I kind of want to stay where I am and just watch everything unfold over the first few laps or even the whole race,” Norris added.

“But obviously, don’t want to really get involved too much, because it can cause a lot of controversy, so I don’t know whether to go for the move, not go for the move, you tell me. But I’ll do my best and if I have a chance, I’ll go for it.”

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