Fernando Alonso admitted that he was not happy with the traffic during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying.

Saturday evening’s qualifying session at the Yas Marina Circuit did not avoid controversy. At the end of Q2, a bunch of cars was lined up preparing for a flying lap attempt at the final sector. However, the cars were moving too slowly and made an impact on the results. After qualifying, Esteban Ocon, Sebastian Vettel, and Daniel Ricciardo were called to the stewards due to alleged impeding.

Alonso himself was the victim of traffic as he failed to get to Q3. The Spaniard was disappointed with that.

“There are no rules out there. Not for the out lap – there are no minimum times to respect – and on the first lap there are a lot of strange movements off track,” he said.

“I complained in the first third of the championship, then I changed attitude, then I was doing the same, and now I don’t have any more races to impede anyone.”

“But it’s not in my heart to impede. No one wants to be in the middle of anyone’s fast lap, because then you go to the stewards and normally get a three-place penalty.”

The Alpine driver also insisted on the fact that the rules should be stricter: “The issue is that we should be more aligned with the things that are right and the things that are wrong. It should be more black and white, what is a penalty and what is not a penalty. They [the stewards] have to be harsh in some of the decisions.”

“In football, when somebody makes a tackle and there is a big penalty or whatever, there is a red card, and here, they’re struggling to show a yellow card or a red card. That’s why we keep repeating the same bad things, you know.”

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