Christian Horner and Toto Wolff participated in the last media day of the season together in a press conference last Thursday.

The season has been filled with pressure and controversial comments from both team principals. However, going into the final race, the pair shook hands.

“Good luck. May the best man and the best team win,” Wolff said, offering his hand to the Red Bull team principal.

Horner explained why his relationship with the Mercedes team principal has been so tense this year, stating that the competition is intense when you’re battling for the championship titles.

“We’re competing for two of the biggest trophies in sport and the competition is intense,” he said.

“I think, as characters, obviously we’re quite different, but we share the same intensity, the same competitiveness.

“I will defend my team, I will defend my driver… both drivers to the hilt because that’s what you do. That’s who you represent, that’s who you look to protect.

“There’s been competition on-track, off-track, and it’s been pushing the boundaries, and Toto has done the same from his side.”

The Red Bull team principal also stated what “emotions are all over, we’re in a competitive sport.”

“That’s Formula 1, it shows the intensity of the competition, the intensity between the teams.

“It would be totally fake to sit here and say how much we love each other and that we’re going to go on holidays after this weekend.”

Wolff agreed with Horner’s comments regarding the intense competition inside the sport, but that there is mutual respect for each team’s job.

“I would agree with Christian, I think there is mutual respect for the job that the other team has done.

“They wouldn’t be where they are, competing for these championships all along, but it is just too intense.

“I stand for the team and the interest of the team, and that can be fierce at times because it’s not only the drivers who are battling on track. It’s a fight for an advantage in the regulations.”

“Christian has his own way of dealing with it, as he said, [we have] very different personalities. But it is justified for this trophy, and one of the most important prizes in sport is a World Championship.

“That’s why you cannot expect a lot of schmoozing between the drivers, team principals, and all the teams,” he concluded.

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