Andrew Shovlin has revealed that Mercedes is not planning to change the engine in Lewis Hamilton’s car at the Abu Dhabi GP.

Engines can make a difference in this year’s title fight as we saw Hamilton’s dominant performance at the Sao Paulo GP after getting a brand-new engine. Ahead of the race weekend in Abu Dhabi, there were reports that the Briton could get another new engine to get a performance boost. However, the Mercedes trackside engineering director denied all the rumors.

“[Replacing the engine is] not in the plan. If we do that, something’s gone wrong. It wouldn’t feel like a good idea. That would only be if we suffered a big problem and, even at that, it wouldn’t be Plan A if we did lose an engine,” he told Sky Sports.

Shovlin also admitted that Hamilton’s engine would not bring a significant advantage.

“It’s not as big a deal as it’s perhaps being made out to be,” he added.

“I think Red Bull were inferring it’s a huge difference. I think [Mercedes boss] Toto [Wolff] did the same at one point.”

“It’s a useful step in the right direction, but whether we had it in or not at the last race, it’s not going to cover the kind of gap we were seeing to Max [Verstappen] on a single lap – but it’s a step in the right direction.”

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