The Formula 1 sporting director Steve Nielsen has spoken about concerns regarding the latest COVID-19 restrictions around the world.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic keeps affecting the world. In particular, countries all across the globe have enforced new restrictions due to the omicron variant recently.

One of the F1 chiefs revealed that they are worried that the restrictions may force calendar changes.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit worried, I am,” Nielsen told

“Because as you’ve quite rightly pointed out that the optimism that we perhaps had a couple of months ago that the pandemic was on the back foot has been knocked back a bit in the last two or three weeks.”

“So it’s an ever-changing situation. Since the beginning, this thing has risen up and fallen away, depending on which region you’re going in. And we’ve had to tip-toe around those changing infection rates and try and fit it with our calendar.”

“I’m pretty certain we can deliver the calendar we have, but we will monitor it and we will react if we have to.”

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