Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz said he wants a clean championship finale at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Formula 1 season comes to a close this Sunday in Abu Dhabi. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are battling for the drivers’ title, as both are equal on points.

Carlos Sainz’s gap to Lando Norris in the standings for 6th place is 5 points. The Spaniard hopes to have a fair championship fight in the last race of the season.

“From my side, I just wish that they can keep it clean this last weekend and give it a good showdown,” he said. “For the image of the sport, more than anything else.

“For the benefit of Formula 1, and that we are still a sport, not only a show. And show good sportsmanship and a good showdown in the grand final.

“When I went back to my room on Sunday night I tuned in and replayed the race just to see what the hell happened there upfront and why was everyone talking about what happened.

“When I had the chance to watch it, you realize how tight this battle is, how every race you have a fight between the two championship contenders and how exciting and how ideal it is for Formula 1.”

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