Toto Wolff revealed that he has an “absolutely genuine” rivalry with Christian Horner that heats up the 2021 title fight even further.

Mercedes and Red Bull have faced off in an almighty battle all year long. A minimal gap has existed between the two teams all year, and this remains consistent with one race remaining.

Mercedes leads Red Bull in the constructors’ standings by 28 points going into the Abu Dhabi GP. However, the main spotlight is on the squabble between Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. The talented pair are on equal points ahead of the final race.

Controversial moments between the two teams have riddled the 2021 season. For instance, the multiple clashes between Hamilton and Verstappen sky-rocketed the intensity of this rivalry. There have been penalties, fierce on-track battles, and many more factors that are making the 2021 season a memorable one.

The Mercedes team principal Wolff revealed that, in the midst of this flaring battle, he has developed a rivalry with Red Bull team principal Horner as well. Two team leaders going head to head for the Formula 1 title are bound to have some run-ins.

“It’s absolutely genuine because there’s so much at stake,” Wolff told the F1 Nation podcast.

“It’s ambitious people, ambitious teams that are fighting really tooth-to-nail for this championship. And once you’re in that, there’s just no ability in your mind to even create a space for another person, at least for me.”

While the tension is high between the two teams, Wolff says his feud with Horner is not fueled by emotion.

“I have no negative nor positive emotions, but I’m trying to really stay in that place,” Wolff continued. “Sometimes I was carried away when I heard comments that annoyed me, but only twice this season.”

“The rest is no emotion, neither positive nor negative.”

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