While Lewis Hamilton triumphed in Saudi Arabia, his job became more difficult after his collision with Max Verstappen resulted in minor damage.

On lap 37, Hamilton crashed into the rear of Verstappen’s Red Bull. This was when the Dutchman was instructed to hand first position back after gaining an off-track advantage.

Debris scattered across the circuit, but both cars carried on with no major damage. Lewis Hamilton went on to defeat Verstappen by around 7 seconds on-track. However, the Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin revealed that the fight to the end of the race was harder for Hamilton than it looked.

“It [the damage] was going up and up!” Shovlin said.

Earlier, at the second restart, Hamilton made light contact with Esteban Ocon’s Alpine following Verstappen’s lunge to pass them both. This dealt some damage to the Mercedes, but not enough to severely impact his pace.

“We started off with probably only about a tenth or two [lost]. After he got sandwiched and Esteban rode over it, we were quite lucky that it just seemed to hit the road. We lost a few bits, but it bounced back. No more damage.”

“After [the incident with] Max, we then lost the whole side of it, so you’re getting up nearer four-tenths of performance.”

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