Lando Norris was thoroughly disadvantaged after a red flag tire change rule “ruined” his chances at a good result.

Norris was running in P6 before Mick Schumacher slammed the barriers to bring out the safety car. The McLaren driver picked this moment to pit for fresh tires.

However, this strategic call was rendered useless after the red flag was brought out to repair the damage Schumacher’s car inflicted on the barriers. A rule exists in F1 that states drivers are allowed to change tires while stationary in the pitlane during a red flag period.

Thus, Norris lost a large chunk of time as his opponents instead changed tires once the red flag came out.

“It’s possibly the worst rule ever invented by someone, being able to change tires under red flag,” a frustrated Norris told Sky Sports.

“It ruined our race today. It feels like you do so much just to get it all taken away. It sucks because the team did a good job. I thought the car was pretty decent. But it’s just crap, the rule ruins everything.

“If Max won because he just got a free pit stop, then I feel like Mercedes would complain. I don’t know if they would still now or not, because [Lewis Hamilton] won. So it’s just a great day for them. But I just feel like it’s such an unfair thing. They should still have to do their pit stop, they should be more just unlucky rather than getting lucky. Just sucks.”

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