Christian Horner was confused why the stewards decided against penalizing Lewis Hamilton for pushing Max Verstappen wide in Jeddah.

The Saudi Arabian GP was a dramatic race for the title fight. Hamilton and Verstappen fought tooth and nail for an advantage by the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The fierce battles led to several controversial incidents as the pair contested for the lead of the race. Verstappen received a 5-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage during their fight. Later, he received a 10-second penalty for his clash with Hamilton when he slowed to hand back the first position.

However, the Red Bull team principal Horner feels that Hamilton got away with a few incidents. One of these instances was when he ran Verstappen off the track at the final corner, gaining an advantage down the main straight. He was not awarded a penalty for this action.

“I would ask you to look at Lewis when he had an incident at the final corner, where he pushed Max off in the same way,” Horner said.

“Any driver that’s come through karting or raced in any category, you know that that is hard racing.”

“Lewis gives just [as good] as he gets, he’s very, very wily with the way he does it sometimes, but look at the last corner when he ran Max out wide there.”

Horner believes there was another incident that Hamilton should’ve been on the brink of penalization for: “There was another corner as well, where he’s opened the steering wheel, and he was into turn 1 too.

“These guys are fighting over such fine margins, pushing right to the boundaries. If you don’t want them to have the ability to run wide, then put a gravel trap there.”

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