Enzo Fittipaldi escaped from a nasty accident during the Formula 2 Feature Race in Saudi Arabia with a broken heel.

A lengthy delay due to barrier repairs resulted in a very late start for the Formula 2 event on Sunday. However, there were mere meters of racing before the red flag was brandished once again.

It came out for a horrible shunt between Theo Pourchaire and Enzo Fittipaldi off the line. A stalled Pourchaire was collected by Fittipaldi at a force of around 72G, according to Sky Sports.

Another extensive delay occurred to clear the incident and to give the marshals enough time to get the two drivers transported to the hospital.

Since then, Pourchaire has been confirmed to be okay and relatively uninjured. However, Fittipaldi released a statement on social media that mentioned his injuries from the scary accident.

“Hey guys, I am very grateful that I only broke my heel and have some cuts and bruises. Thank you all for the messages, as well as the FIA and medical staff for taking great care of me. I am very happy that Theo is ok. I will be back on track soon and faster than ever.”

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