Verstappen is “over the limit,” says Hamilton

05 December 2021, Saudi Arabia, Dschidda: Motorsport: Formula 1 World Championship, Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, Race. Podium: Winner Lewis Hamilton from Great Britain of Team Mercedes (r), 2nd place for Max Verstappen from the Netherlands of Team Red Bull (l). Photo: Hasan Bratic/dpa (Photo by Hasan Bratic/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton was left unimpressed after multiple incidents and close calls with Max Verstappen as they fight for the drivers’ championship title.

The British driver had multiple issues with Verstappen during the Saudi Arabian GP, the most prominent being his collision with the rear of the Red Bull as it slowed down on the straight, allegedly trying to give the position back to the Mercedes.

Speaking after the race, Hamilton said Verstappen is “over the limit.”

“I’ve raced a lot of drivers in my life for 28 years and I’ve come across a lot of different characters, and there’s a few at the top which are over the limit,” he said.

“He’s [Verstappen] over the limit for sure. I’ve avoided collision on so many occasions with the guy and I don’t always mind being the one that does that, because you live to fight another day, which I obviously did.”

Speaking about his collision with Verstappen, the Mercedes driver said it was a confusing situation.

“I didn’t get the information, so it was confusing,” he said. “All of a sudden he was backing up, or moving. I thought – ‘is he playing some crazy tactic? I don’t know’. Then just as he hit the brakes, I nearly went into the back completely and take us both out.

“It doesn’t matter for him if we don’t finish. For me, I need us both to finish. It will be interesting to see what happens.

“I’m personally chilled, I feel like I’m in the boxing ring and I’m ready to go.”

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