The stewards have made the decision regarding the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Nikita Mazepin at the Saudi Arabian GP FP3.

The final practice session at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit was eventful for Hamilton – he had a near-miss incident with Nikita Mazepin and was called to the stewards for alleged impeding.

After the meeting, it was confirmed that Hamilton was given a reprimand as the stewards stated that the track’s nature made an impact on the incident. Furthermore, Mercedes was handed a €25000 fine.

“The Stewards accept that this circuit presents challenges for drivers in relation to
using their mirrors as the method of determining the approach of overtaking cars,” the decision reads.

“Although it is the driver’s ultimate responsibility to avoid impeding, for this circuit the
driver must depend upon the Team to communicate efficiently. This did not happen in
this case and accordingly the penalty for the Competitor [Hamilton] is imposed.”

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