Max Verstappen responded to the rumors of Red Bull installing a new engine by stating it would not help them fight Mercedes.


  • Rumors surfaced about the possibility of Red Bull giving Verstappen a new engine for the Saudi Arabian GP.
  • This would be repeating the tactic Mercedes implemented to give Lewis Hamilton more straight-line speed in Brazil.
  • However, Red Bull shut down these whispers and is currently planning to leave the current engine in the car.

What he had to say:

  • “Well, we don’t have that peak [in power] with a new engine as Mercedes has,” Verstappen told
  • “Our engine is actually pretty consistent throughout its lifespan. So doing an engine change like that doesn’t really bring us a lot.”
  • When asked about the possible engine change due to reliability, Verstappen commented: “Yes, but from my side, there are no doubts about that. I know what I have in terms of engines and normally we should be able to make it with that.”

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