Lewis Hamilton finds that he has gained a lot from past hardships in his career, such as the penalties that set him back in Brazil.


  • Hamilton is a driver who values learning from the past and improving on oneself in response to it.
  • While the Briton has experienced plenty of success, the trying times he faced help him to get there.
  • For instance, Hamilton had an engine penalty as well as a disqualification from qualifying during the Sao Paulo GP weekend. Despite all odds acting against him, Hamilton rose to the challenge and came back to win the race.

What he had to say:

  • “If you look at… everyone around the world, I think if you’re faced against adversity and you’re a competitive person, and you continue to believe, then you fight against that resistance, and you don’t take no for an answer, you never give up.”
  • “I’m grateful that I’ve experienced plenty of it through my career, as everyone probably does, but in their own way, and it’s different for everybody, but I’m really grateful for the lessons I’ve learned through my experience.”
  • “It still helps me tap into that next gear that you need. And that we are continuously believing that you can, even when it looks impossible, like in Brazil.”

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