Lewis Hamilton has reflected on the opening day of the Saudi Arabian GP after leading in both free practice sessions.


  • Hamilton is delighted with his long run pace and admits that single lap performance needs to be improved.
  • The Mercedes driver enjoys driving around the Jeddah Corniche Circuit despite traffic concerns.

What he had to say:

  • “We’re not rapid on a single lap, I would say, compared to the others, but my long-run pace was not too bad.”
  • “I’m generally happy. We made some changes between sessions. I’m unsure which one I want to stay with, but we’ll study through it tonight and work with the guys back at the factory to try and make sure we come up with the correct set-up for tomorrow.”
  • “It [traffic] is definitely a lot worse than a lot of places we go to. “It’s Monaco-esque, but the speed, the closing distance on other cars is definitely getting to a bit of a danger zone.”
  • “It [the track] is rapid, unbelievably quick. It really is incredibly fast, and [there’s] a lot of grip as well. But really, if you can get the rhythm, it’s beautiful to drive.”

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