Christian Horner has spoken about Max Verstappen’s mindset during the ongoing battle for the 2021 Drivers’ Championship.


  • Verstappen is 8 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the standings with only 2 races to go.
  • The Red Bull Racing team principal believes that Verstappen copes with pressure well.
  • Horner thinks that the Dutchman is now performing at the highest level.

What he had to say:

  • “Make no mistake, fighting for your first F1 title is an intense moment in your racing career, but the maturity Max has shown throughout the campaign has been extremely impressive,” Horner wrote in his column at the Red Bull website.
  • “He’s relaxed and dealing with the pressure incredibly well. I think he is driving better than ever.”
  • “A good example of this was during the race in Qatar when he did not feel we could catch Lewis, but commented over the radio he ‘wanted to have some fun’.”
  • “Max is plain-speaking and he calls it how he sees it. He doesn’t work with a sports psychologist; it is just how he copes with it.”

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