Red Bull has confirmed that Max Verstappen will be without the advantage of a new power unit for the Saudi Arabian GP.

Why it matters: By taking a new engine, Verstappen would have extra power up his sleeve that Lewis Hamilton may lack for the final two races.


  • Lewis Hamilton received a fresh engine in Brazil to assist him greatly in outpacing Verstappen and stealing back some points.
  • Red Bull was rumored to be replicating Mercedes’ strategy in Saudi Arabia this weekend, giving Verstappen a possible power advantage over Hamilton.
  • However, disproved the rumors, revealing a Red Bull spokesperson confirmed these plans aren’t going ahead.
  • Despite this, released an interview with Helmut Marko. The Red Bull figure confirmed that there is no planned engine change in Saudi Arabia. However, he said “it will come in Abu Dhabi” if plans were to at all be solidified.

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