Lewis Hamilton said he is ready to help George Russell become Formula 1 world champion when the Williams driver switches to Mercedes next year.


  • Mercedes will have an all-British lineup from next year with Hamilton and Russell.
  • The 7-time world champion said he expects Russell to be a challenge once he becomes his teammate.

What he said:

  • “I’m in a different place. I really want to see him succeed.”
  • “There’s going to be a point where I don’t continue in this sport. He’s my teammate and he’s going to be the next Brit that I want to see win a world championship.”
  • “So I really hope that, while we are going to be competing and I want to win on track, I hope I can have a positive influence on how he conducts himself within the team.”
  • “Whether it’s the time he commits to engineering, or how he churns through the data, or even just how he drives on track.”

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