Hamilton “more cautious than ever before” for title fight finale

2021 Qatar Grand Prix, Thursday – Steve Etherington

Lewis Hamilton admitted he is cautious of his rival Max Verstappen as both drivers head onto the final stretch of the championship fight.


  • Hamilton has had multiple incidents with Verstappen throughout the season, as well as various close calls.
  • The Mercedes driver says he has to be “more cautious than ever before” as he heads onto the final two races battling for the title.

What he said:

  • “You just have to be very careful. More cautious than ever before. You have to know what can happen.”
  • “You always have to be ready to do whatever you can to avoid the collision. Even if that means leaving the track.”
  • “After all, you want to finish the race. If you are too stubborn and defend your position, you will crash.”
  • “In Brazil, I made sure to avoid the collision. I was always very decent in situations like this, I would say. Of course, you don’t always get it done perfectly.”
  • “He’s not my first opponent to act like this. Now that I’m a little older, I take a closer look at the characters of the other drivers and their personal backgrounds. How you grew up also has an impact on how you behave. I try to understand [them].”
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