The official route of the 2022 Dakar Rally has officially been presented this Sunday by Amaury Sport Organization.


  • The 2022 Dakar Rally will take place on January 2nd-14th in Saudi Arabia.
  • The rally will officially start in Ha’il and the finish line will be in Jeddah.
  • The competitors will drive 4258 kilometers of special stage across the Saudi Arabian desert.

The route of the 2022 Dakar Rally:

Stage no.DateStartFinishDistance (special stage)
PrologueJanuary 1stJeddahHa’il19 km
1January 2ndHa’ilHa’il334 km
2January 3rdHa’ilAl Artawiyah339 km
3January 4thAl ArtawiyahAl Qaisumah368 km
4January 5thAl QaisumahRiyadh465 km
5January 6thRiyadhRiyadh348 km
6January 7thRiyadhRiyadh421 km
7January 9thRiyadhAl Dawadimi401 km
8January 10thAl DawadimiWadi Ad Dawasir394 km
9January 11thWadi Ad DawasirWadi Ad Dawasir287 km
10January 12thWadi Ad DawasirBisha374 km
11January 13thBishaBisha345 km
12January 14thBishaJeddah163 km

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