Russell reveals how he will work with Hamilton in 2022

George Russell thinks it will be vital for him to work efficiently with Mercedes and teammate Lewis Hamilton in 2022.


  • A Mercedes-bound George Russell has only 2 races to go with Williams, a team he has driven for since 2019.
  • Next year will provide a new challenge for the young Briton as he moves to a top team for a season filled with changes.
  • It is uncertain if there will be any drastic changes to the pecking order in 2022, but Russell knows he needs to work well with his new teammate Hamilton if Mercedes is to comfortably emerge on top.

What he had to say:

  • “It’s going to be down to us both to work together to push the team forward, and feed back where the weaknesses of the car [are] to try and excel that improvement.”
  • “I think next year, with these new regulation changes, there’s going to be so many updates and improvements, and things to work on throughout the whole season. And I think we’re all going to have to come together as a team.”
  • “There’s no guarantee who’s going to have the fastest car when you hit the ground in the first test, but I think it’s whoever works best together as a team who will prevail at the end of the season.”
  • “So I think that’s for sure, we will work together to do that.”
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