According to Guenther Steiner, Nikita Mazepin’s “quite badly” cracked chassis from the Qatar GP could be repaired for the final two races.


  • A cracked chassis during the FP1 in Qatar ruled Mazepin out of a chunk of practice time. The Russian had a heavier chassis fitted to his car as a result.
  • This chassis was used by Mazepin earlier in the season until he requested a lighter chassis that was similar to Mick Schumacher’s.
  • The lighter chassis is now unable to be used, but Guenther Steiner thinks the team could do something about it before the season’s close.

What he had to say:

  • “We are looking into it. It is repairable, but it is cracked quite badly. But it’s repairable.”
  • “We now see how to get it back and if you repair it when do we get the chassis back. There is no point to get it back for a next year, because we don’t use that chassis anymore.”
  • “So this is all happening as we speak. I don’t know which chassis now he’s [Mazepin] in, because I got confused with the chassis numbers, you know, as I said, some people of you know better than me. But for me, they’re all the same, the chassis. You know my opinion about that.”

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