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Ocon believes good set-up helped Alpine in Qatar

Esteban Ocon reckons Alpine’s car was both well-suited to the Losail track and boosted by an effective set-up.


  • Alpine sits 5th in the constructors’ standings with less consistent point scoring than the likes of McLaren and Ferrari.
  • Nevertheless, Alpine qualified well for the Qatar GP, Alonso and Ocon finishing 5th and 9th respectively.
  • The team managed to haul in 25 points with a podium finish for Alonso and P5 for Ocon.

What he had to say:

  • “For sure, the characteristics did suit the car pretty well, so that was a very good surprise when we put the car down, how we felt the grip was working.”
  • “But not only that I think we did an exceptionally good job at setting up the car, finding little more things that we didn’t necessarily find at other places.”
  • “Little tricks here and there that made the difference this weekend to have more pace, to extract more pace out of the car.”
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