Daniel Ricciardo has identified a primary area of weakness in his McLaren that loses him time to Lando Norris.


  • Ricciardo intially struggled to become accustomed to his MCL35M, his teammate Norris outscoring him in four of the first five races.
  • The Australian has found highlights throughout the season, such as his victory in Italy. However, he thinks there are still weaknesses to overcome that will bring his pace closer to Norris’.

What he had to say:

  • “These kind of long, medium-speed corners is just where I think our car is challenged the most, and that’s where, call it the McLaren style, is the one and only style to get it through those corners quickly.”
  • “I think that’s where Lando is definitely doing a better job in those corners and I’m still not quite nailing it. It’s really just the way you went into the corner, combine the brake with the turn in.”
  • “Let’s say, I’m trying to get it to do something, and it still turns, but it doesn’t get through the corners quick. It’s just half a tenth, but half a tenth in these long corners adds up to three, four-tenths.”
  • “So it’s really just that, and it’s definitely, call it a weakness of the car, but it’s ultimately still a weakness of me not being able to get the car working well in the limited areas.”

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