Andrew Shovlin has given an insight into the reasons for Valtteri Bottas’ retirement at the Qatar Grand Prix.


  • Bottas had a sudden puncture during the race and eventually had to retire the car.
  • Shovlin reveals that Bottas’ car lost too much performance because of the puncture.

What he had to say:

  • “Not only did it [the puncture] cost us race time, it also cost us performance.”
  • “That’s because when you haven’t got the wheel holding the car up, the wing is dragging on the road, getting damaged, the floor as well, and a lot of the aero furniture around there is getting damaged just from its contact with the road.”
  • “So, ultimately, we had quite a big performance hit from that. When we got out, we could start to establish that in the data. So over the course of the next few laps, we were understanding how much performance we’ve lost.”

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