Mattia Binotto revealed that Ferrari has been focusing on their 2022 contender for the majority of this season.


  • The 2022 F1 cars will be vastly different from its predecessors, with teams given the opportunity to get closer to the frontrunners.
  • The teams may choose to focus their work on the development of the 2022 car or this season’s car.
  • Ferrari is currently involved in a fight with McLaren for P3 in the constructors’ standings, but Binotto insists the team is focusing more on the next year.

What he had to say:

  • “We never really developed the current car. We introduced a couple of developments at the very start of the season and that’s it.”
  • “Except for the power unit later on but the power unit, again that was a development in view of 2022, so all our efforts from the very start of the season has always been the 2022 car, we never compromised it.”
  • “So let’s say that it never came into our mind even to at some stage try to penalise 2022 at the benefit of 2021.”

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