Andrew Shovlin reckons that the curbs of Losail International Circuit were too low to the ground, despite drivers sustaining damage from them.


  • Various incidents occurred throughout the weekend as teams discovered the severity of the curbs at the Qatar GP.
  • Pierre Gasly suffered a puncture in qualifying due to the curbs and many others had their tires heavily worn by them.
  • Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin thinks he has an answer to why the curbs caused teams so much damage.

What he had to say:

  • “It is strange because the issue is that they are actually quite smooth, so therefore you can run all over them.”
  • “When you run all over them, the front wings are very low to the ground and they are being clipped, plus the tires are being hit pretty hard by them.”
  • “In a bizarre way, if they were more aggressive it would probably be easier for the cars and the tires.”
  • “But the fact that you can get on them, and the quickest thing is to get on them as well, means you have got to do it here, and therein lies the risk.”

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