Formula 2 driver Oscar Piastri has defended the signing of Guanyu Zhou by Alfa Romeo, saying the Chinese deserves to drive in Formula 1.


  • Alfa Romeo dropped Antonio Giovinazzi, replacing him with Guanyu Zhou as teammate for Valtteri Bottas.
  • Giovinazzi took social media to criticize que moves, saying F1 is “ruthless” when “money rules.” This sparked criticism against the Chinese driver inside the community.
  • Piastri defended Zhou, saying that although it’s true he brings money to Alfa Romeo, his experience is deserving of an F1 seat.

What he said:

  • “Obviously he’s [Zhou] copped quite a bit of negativity on social media and stuff, and I think most of it is pretty unfair, to be honest.”
  • “OK, we all know he’s bringing some financial backing behind him, but he’s not doing poorly.”
  • “He’s second in the championship, he’s got the same amount of wins as me, he led the championship for the first part of the year. He’s certainly not coming in with no results at all.”

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