Michael Masi has responded defensively to Christian Horner’s remarks against the marshalls after the qualifying in Qatar.


  • Horner expressed frustration after the stewards awarded Max Verstappen a 5-place grid penalty for failing to slow down for yellow flags.
  • Horner commented during an interview that the FIA needs to “control their marshalls” as he believed the marshall shouldn’t have waved the yellow flags for Gasly’s incident.
  • Later during the weekend, he apologized for his statement and said that his frustrations weren’t aimed at the marshalls.

What Masi had to say:

  • “I think you should not attack any person, and particularly when we have thousands of volunteer marshals around the world that give up a huge amount of time globally.”
  • “Without them, this sport that everyone has very close to their heart, and all of them give up a huge amount of their time, won’t happen.”
  • “I will defend every volunteer official, and every official around every race track around the world, [and stress] that that is not accepted.”

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