Toto Wolff has shared his opinion regarding the controversy with the rules after the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.


  • Wolff believes that the stewards’ decision not to penalize Max Verstappen for the incident with Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos may lead to bad consequences in the upcoming races.
  • The Mercedes team principal admits that he wanted the stewards to clarify the rules regarding on-track battles.

What he had to say:

  • “I think it’s very dangerous, because I think what happened [on Friday], and also in Brazil, is kicking the ball in the high grass and hoping that the ball disappears.”
  • “If we would have a controversial situation in any of the three races that are to come, can you imagine the polarization and controversy this that this will create? Simply because it’s not clear – it wasn’t clearly formulated.”
  • “I would have wished that, even if the outcome was negative for us in Brazil, in terms of the immediate judgment, I would have taken that if the consequent analysis would have been, ‘That’s not on’.”

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