Red Bull’s Max Verstappen said his 5-grid drop penalty for ignoring yellow flags during qualifying for the Qatar GP was “very strange.”


  • Verstappen said he knew he would be penalized for the offense/
  • The Dutchman called it “very strange,” as the Steward waved the yellow flag while race control instructed otherwise.

What he said:

  • “I knew what was coming. I knew [about the penalty] it last night. I never get presents, so I saw it coming. In the end, I think it’s tricky, they don’t decide to yellow flag, the race control. Only the local Marshall sees a car stopped and thinks it’s a yellow flag and therefore you are penalized. I find that very strange. It is what it is.”
  • Verstappen also reflected on his race: “I was motivated. They never get me small anyway. That first lap was very important, then I was quickly back in second place, but then you saw that we lacked some speed. Of course, I try to keep the gap small. I’m really happy to have set the fastest lap in the end.”

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