Carlos Sainz has not received a grid drop for this Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix after being under investigation for ignoring yellow flags.


  • Sainz allegedly did not slow down when the yellow flags were out at the end of Q3, but he proved that he in fact went slower in that episode.
  • The Spaniard is now set to start the race from the 5th position after Max Verstappen’s and Valtteri Bottas’ penalties.

The stewards’ statement:

  • “The driver [Sainz] stated that although he did not see the yellow flag, he did see that Car 10 [Pierre Gasly] was stationary on the right of the pit straight and therefore assumed that there was the probability that he was in a yellow flag area, so made a significant reduction in speed in the relevant mini-sector.”
  • “The stewards confirmed this from the telemetry. He thus complied with the Race Directors Event Notes and Appendix H of the International Sporting Code.”

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