Christian Horner has commented on Max Verstappen’s continued troubles with the DRS activator on his car’s rear wing.


  • Red Bull had to keep Verstappen in the garage for some time during FP3 as his engineers seemed to be working on his rear wing.
  • The championship-contending team is experiencing issues with the car’s rear wing on and off since the United States Grand Prix.

What he had to say:

  • “It’s not ideal,” Horner told Sky Sports.
  • “We’ve had some issues with the activator. You can see it’s the middle part, in the middle of the wing, where it’s got into a stalling position. Then, once it creates that flap motion, it’s impossible to stop.”
  • “We’ve just had to beef it up, [which] isn’t helping the car to go quick, because it’s effectively reducing the gap in that slot.”

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