Toto Wolff has confirmed that Lewis Hamilton will have the engine from the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in 2 weeks at Jeddah.


  • Wolff believes that Mercedes should have an advantage at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, though Red Bull also has a chance.
  • The Mercedes team principal enjoys the championship battles.

What he had to say:

  • “Saudi should be a good track for us, but we know this year, when you think it’s a good one, it can turn the other way around,” Wolff told Sky Sports.
  • “There’s a long straight. We’ll get our spicy engine out for Saudi Arabia that we didn’t use here [in Qatar], and hopefully Valtteri [Bottas] is right up there [too] – we need him.”
  • “I really enjoy the ride because it’s good fun when it’s so tough. This is exactly why we’re in the sport and I enjoy every minute.”

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