Toto Wolff has spoken about the reasons why Lewis Hamilton’s rear wing was deemed illegal at the Sao Paulo GP.


  • Wolff reveals that after the rear wing was returned to Mercedes, they examined it.
  • The Mercedes team principal admits that undone screws made the rear wing illegal.

What he had to say:

  • “We got the rear wing back. And, as we thought, it was broken. It broke in qualifying. We didn’t pass the 85mm slot gap test on the far right side. We passed it on the left, in the middle, but not on the right, by a fraction of a millimetre. And that’s fine.”
  • “We weren’t allowed to inspect it, nor to make the argument that the part is being broken. And consequently, we found out that two screws became undone in qualifying. And that caused that right side to be irregular.”
  • “And you know, probably, it was even detrimental to the lap time, but it is what it is. It was reported to the stewards, and that is very different to how these things were handled in the past when you were able to patch up things that got broken during parc ferme.”

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