Michael Masi released numerous changes to the track limits rules for the Qatar GP, targeting multiple corners as concerning areas.

Why it matters: The manner in which drivers extend track limits at the Losail International Circuit is now defined by a more strict set of rules. More lap times are likely to be deleted in qualifying.


  • Masi released a fourth version of his event notes for the Qatar GP.
  • It consisted of multiple changes to the track limits rules concerning various areas of the Losail circuit.

The changes:

  • The stewards will remove the lap time of any driver who has left the track and re-joined by cutting behind the purple and white curb at the exit of turn 2 as well as the same colored curb at the exit of turn 7 and turn 16.
  • The teams will be contacted during the session if one of its cars fails to comply with these changes to the track limits regulations.
  • The third breach of these limits by the same driver will result in a black-and-white flag being shown as a warning. Any more strikes will result in an investigation by the stewards.

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