Toto Wolff says Mercedes did not expect the stewards to take action after their request to review the incident between Hamilton and Verstappen.


  • Verstappen ran Hamilton wide in a tight battle for the lead in Brazil, to which Mercedes responded with a request for investigation.
  • The stewards concluded the investigation, deciding against giving Verstappen a penalty.

What he had to say:

  • “We don’t expect to gain anything, to be honest, from the right of review.”
  • “It’s more about the principle and the philosophy because if it remains that way it means overtaking from the outside is pretty much not possible anymore because the inside controls the corner completely.”
  • “Now that is anyway the case, but before when a car is next to you you need to leave a car’s width. That’s not the case, so we just want to take it to the end, have a judgment on that and ask if it’s necessary for the last few races.”

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