Christian Horner has provided an update about Red Bull Racing’s desire to protest the specification of rear wings on Mercedes cars.


  • Mercedes’ rear wing became a discussion topic because of their significant advantage on the straights.
  • Horner reveals that “score marks” may give Mercedes a performance boost and they may be illegal.
  • Toto Wolff assures that the rear wing does not violate any regulations.

What he had to say:

  • “Make no bones about it, if we see it [the rear wing] on the [Mercedes] car here [in Qatar] it will be protested,” Horner told Sky Sports.
  • “It’s probably less of a factor here although we obviously saw significant straight-line speed in that [first practice] session again, probably a 7kph difference between our cars, but particularly Jeddah and Abu Dhabi you could have a situation like Brazil where the car is quite simply un-raceable.”
  • “That obviously concerns us. And that’s why Adrian and Paul have been discussing it with the FIA.”

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