Sergio Perez admits that he did not expect that Mercedes would be so fast on straights at Interlagos.


  • Perez was impressed with the advantage Mercedes cars got on straights.
  • The Mexican hopes that Red Bull will give Mercedes a fight in Qatar.

What he had to say:

  • “Their straight-line speed is on another planet. I looked in my mirror at the [corner] exit and I felt pretty safe. But then I looked back into it again and he [Hamilton] was right next to me. It was really impressive.”
  • “We’ll see what we are able to do going into Qatar. It’s going to be a different track, probably straight-line speed is not really going to matter over there, so hopefully we can be a lot more competitive.”
  • “It’s a very high downforce track, very fast and hopefully the main straight is not too long.”

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