Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation’s executive Amro Al-Hamad believes that the first-ever Formula 1 Qatar GP will be a spectacular event.


  • The inaugural Qatar GP will take place at Losail International Circuit this weekend.
  • The executive director of Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation thinks that lack of data about the track, a variety of strategies, and overtaking opportunities will make the race weekend more exciting.

What he had to say:

  • “Nobody has any data here, nobody drove here before, so that is going to add a lot. Every single minute in practice is going to make a difference because they still don’t know what type of set-up they need for all their chassis,” Al-Hamad told
  • “The strategy is going to be completely different when it comes to tire wear, because it’s a very fast track, or a flowing track with a couple of opportunities for overtaking.”
  • “I know from a competitive driver point of view that there is a lot of overtaking that is going to be done, against all of the speculation that has been spread, that this is a straight-line kind of circuit, which it’s not.”

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