Michael Masi said it is unacceptable that drivers undo their seatbelts while celebrating on the cooldown lap.


  • Drivers are allowed to loosen their seatbelts on the cooldown lap, but not to completely detach them.
  • Masi explains that the enforcements are for safety reasons, not to interfere with the celebrations.
  • The situation goes beyond the action itself, as Formula 1 is an example to follow for lower categories, thus respecting safety standards is a must in sending the right message.

What he said:

  • “Obviously, everyone knows that rule, it’s been discussed before as well, probably, I’m going to guess about 18 months ago,” said Masi when asked by Motorsport.com.
  • “And then I’m well aware that it was discussed in Charlie’s [Whiting] time, drivers were reminded that, obviously, on cooldown laps, there’s no problem loosening their belts, but they need to remain fully attached.”
  • “And it is a safety item. I think the stewards have made it quite clear in their decision, that it’s not about stopping celebrations at all.”
  • “But at the pinnacle of motorsport, it’s a safety issue, but also it’s sending a message all the way through that type of behavior is not acceptable.”

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