Formula 1 race director Michael Masi revealed the stewards made a decision on the Verstappen/Hamilton incident with a missing camera.

Why it matters: The Stewards had concluded that no investigation was necessary, however, Masi admits the missing camera could bring “crucial” information regarding the event.


  • The Stewards made a decision without Verstappen’s forward-facing camera.
  • Masi denied the decidion of not investigating the incident was “inconsistent” with previous events.

What he said:

  • “It hasn’t been obtained yet. It’s been requested,” Masi told the media.
  • “It’s only the cameras that are broadcast is basically what we have access to throughout the week.”
  • When asked if the missing footage could reveal crucial information, he said: “It could be, absolutely.”
  • “But no, we didn’t have access to it. Obviously it’s been downloaded and once we do, and once the commercial rights holder supplies it, we’ll have a look.”
  • “The forward-facing, the 360 [degree camera], all of the angles that we don’t get live will be downloaded and we’ll have a look at them post-race.”
  • “You judge the incident on its merits and you have a look at all of it. And let’s not forget, we have the overall ‘let them race’ principles, and looking at it all, with all of the angles that we had available, it was that philosophy was adopted.”

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