Lewis Hamilton has shared his thoughts regarding the battle against Max Verstappen for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix victory.


  • Hamilton admits that following Verstappen was not easy as the Dutchman had good pace.
  • The Mercedes driver believes that the battle shows what a title fight should be.

What he had to say:

  • “It was very difficult to follow in the last sector and get as good an exit as he got through turn 12, so I kept coming up the straight.”
  • “It wasn’t that easy to be in his DRS, and even if I was in the DRS zone, it was a bit too far away. I just kept trying, just kept pushing. I had that one chance into turn 4 [on lap 48], but I just couldn’t hold it. So I had that experience, and just made sure that I didn’t make that mistake again, but I was adamant and determined to get back into that position.”
  • “It was fun. I mean, that’s what a world championship battle should look like.”

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