Nikita Mazepin says his latest races have been “pretty challenging” as his team members made transitions to other teams.


  • Mazepin has been struggling to keep up with teammate Mick Schumacher throughout the 2021 season.
  • The Sao Paulo GP qualifying delivered another disappointing result, with the Russian stating he made a mistake during his lap.
  • Mazepin also revealed that there have been “internal” aspects within Haas that are impacting him as of late.

What he had to say:

  • “It was mostly to do with a mistake on a qualifying lap. And I’m going through a pretty challenging period in the last few races, not only to do with the car balance but also with some internal things going on in the team.”
  • “As you know, the team [is] shuffling around. People were coming and going in the last two races and I know that not everybody that is around me this year are planning to stay for next year. My team of engineering members hasn’t been the same and been changing ever since Turkey.”
  • “I have been surrounded ever since the start of this year by some very great, honest people. And unfortunately, my engineer left last week to another team, and he’s unfortunately not the only one. So that’s a challenge.”

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