Andreas Seidl has shared his thoughts about the Drag Reduction System and its necessity in Formula 1.


  • Andreas Seidl hopes that the DRS will be removed from F1 in the future.
  • The McLaren team principal believes that DRS can be dropped in case the cars can race close to each other without it.

What he had to say:

  • “I would be a fan of getting rid of DRS in general, independent of the regulations, but, in order to do that, obviously we need to have cars that we can race close to each other and where you don’t need DRS to make sure you have overtaking maneuvers at all.”
  • “I still have a lot of hope, looking forward at what’s in the regulations, that maybe after seeing how these cars do at the track and hopefully maybe improving the situation in terms of racing, maybe we can get to that point, at some point in the future, where they can remove the DRS.”

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