Red Bull’s Sergio Perez continues to express his unhappiness with the F1 sprint races as he said there’s “not a lot of action” coming out of the Interlagos event.


  • The Mexican had expressed his discontent with the newly-introduced format in previous ocassions.
  • Perez said the sprint races aren’t fun, and that you can ‘hardly gain anything’ while you can lose a lot from unnecessary risks.

What he said:

  • “I don’t think they’re great fun. I think they’re mainly done for the fans, so if they enjoy them, then good. But I don’t particularly enjoy them.”
  • “I just feel there is not a lot of action. There is not a lot of overtaking, or it doesn’t change as much, the things going into tomorrow’s [Sunday] race, which is the main one.”
  • “You cannot take too many risks because you can be heavily affected trying to pass people. It’s not like the actual race.”
  • “You hardly gain anything, but you can lose a lot.”

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