Christian Horner admits that Mercedes’ strong performance at the Sao Paulo GP is not a big surprise.


  • Horner believes that the rear wing settings have helped Mercedes this weekend.
  • The Red Bull team principal reveals that they will focus on rear wings as well.

What he had to say:

  • “We saw it yesterday [on Saturday], that it’s just phenomenal, especially with the size of rear wing that they have on the car. It’s something that we’ve got to try and focus on with our own performance,” Horner told Sky Sports.
  • “I think obviously, it [the rear wing] is something that is enabling the car to do that kind of speeds.”
  • “Something must happen, because physics wouldn’t allow, the kind of horsepower delta that you would need to achieve that would be pretty significant. We’re obviously trying to understand what it is and, and go from there.”

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