Fernando Alonso regrets starting Saturday’s Sprint Qualifying event on medium tires after finishing three positions lower than he started.


  • Alonso qualified 9th for the sprint race on Saturday, but struggled to match the pace of those who opted for the soft tires at the start.
  • After a disappointing start, Alonso managed to finish 12th after the 24-lap race.

What he had to say:

  • “It was frustrating because we started with the yellow tires [medium tires], which was not the best for the start and the first corner. So we lost a lot of positions there.”
  • “After lap one we were stuck in traffic. We were very fast, but we were stuck in traffic.”
  • “We put one car on the softs, one on the mediums, because we were not sure. It seems it was not the right choice for me. So let’s see tomorrow.”

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